Competition #: 2081 - 2019 A
Salary scale: 31.10 $ à 41.47 $
Deadline: 1 March, 2019

Purpose of position

The work consists of verifying, approving or refusing plans and specifications in connection with construction, modification, demolition or signs requests, in accordance with the City's construction, zoning, fire protection, sanitation and architectural integration by-laws.


  • Diploma of College Studies (DEC) specialised in a relevant field or profile.


  • Two (2), up to three (3) years, experience.

Examples of tasks accomplished

  1. Verify and analyze the plans and specifications and the building permit applications submitted to him/her and ensure that they comply with the municipal by-laws in effect, as well as with the department’s directives and policies in this regard.
  2. Identify the concordance of the projects submitted with the objectives of architectural implementation and integration, particularly in the context of historical and architectural heritage.
  3. Identify the alternatives to be recommended to solve architectural problems; illustrate the advantages and disadvantages of each solution.
  4. Explain at the counter to contractors, construction professionals and the public the requirements of zoning, construction, fire protection, occupancy, sanitation, signs and architectural integration by-laws to help applicants submit acceptable plans or applications.
  5. Meet with various stakeholders such as contractors, engineers, architects, developers, etc., to discuss the application of various municipal by-laws related to his/her field of work.

Superior knowledge:

  • By-laws, laws and ordinances governing construction, zoning, occupation, signs, fire prevention and architectural integration;
  • Good knowledge of:
  • Principles and techniques of drawing, graphical and volumetric representation;
  • Historical aspects that have an influence on the physical heritage;
  • Interactions between the public and the private sectors;
  • Provincial laws, the City Charter and the Civil Code;
  • The history of architecture (an asset);
  • French, spoken and written;
  • English, spoken and written (an asset).

Abilities and aptitudes:

  • To read and interpret plans;
  • To work under pressure;
  • To work in a team;
  • To express him/herself easily and correctly;
  • To be tactful and courteous;
  • To conduct searches in catalogues and specialized documents;
  • To complete clear and concise reports;
  • To perform complex calculations.

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