Municipal taxes: second instalment due August 27

Message from Christina M. Smith, Mayor of Westmount

In the context of COVID-19, many cities and their citizens have been financially impacted by the pandemic. In order to ease this financial burden, the City of Montreal has agreed to delay our payment to the Agglomeration of Montreal until September 2, 2020. In turn, this is allowing us to delay our second instalment of taxes until August 27, 2020.

Please note that interest and penalties will be waived on the 2nd instalment until August 27.

What should you do?

  • If you have scheduled the payment of taxes through the website of your financial institution, you must change the date yourself since the City has no means to do so.
  • If you sent a post-dated check, the City will only deposit it on August 27. You have no action to take.
  • If you have planned your 2nd instalment through the ACCEO Transphere platform, the City will postpone the payment to August 27. You have no action to take.
  • If your taxes are paid by a mortgagee, the City will contact them directly. You have no action to take.

However, should you wish to pay your second tax instalment before August 27th, you are free to do so. Simply notify the Finance Department at 514-989-5234 or email them at

What about other invoices?

The due dates of all other invoices (e.g. transfer duties) that have been received by taxpayers are maintained. The preferred method of payment is electronic payment, via the website of your financial institution. The electronic payment reference number is listed on the invoice and payment slip.