New resident

Welcome Message from the City of Westmount

Dear New Resident:

Welcome to Westmount. As we are sure you know, you have chosen a wonderful community in which to live. We are proud of Westmount’s natural beauty, the parks, and the architecture which surround us; the quality and the choice of facilities available to you; the vitality and variety of our commercial sectors; the safety and cleanliness of our streets.

What you may not be aware of is the outstanding sense of community which exits in Westmount. The tremendous participation and involvement of our residents is what makes living here so special. Children, teens, adults and seniors all take part in sports, recreational, and cultural activities offered in the Arena, the Library and Victoria Hall. We have a long history of citizen input through consultations on zoning changes, new by-laws and traffic rules as well as other regulations which affect our residents’ daily lives.

Council meetings are held once a month at 8:00 p.m. at Westmount City Hall. The schedule varies from month to month, so we invite you to check our Web site for a complete list of upcoming dates. You are always welcome there to ask questions or just to come and see what goes on. There are 8 city councillors, each of whom represents a district of Westmount. You should feel free to call on your councillor to discuss any issues or make any suggestions.

And so, if there is one message we’d like to leave you with, it is get involved – with local leisure activities, with citizens’ committees or with community groups. That’s how you’ll come to understand what truly makes Westmount an outstanding place in which to live.

Here, you will find informative publications outlining some of the services available to you as Westmount resident, just click on the title. Should you have any additional questions about these services, please do not hesitate to contact Westmount City Hall at 514 989-5200.

Mayor Peter F. Trent and 8 city councillors, each representing one of the city’s 8 wards, form the council of the City of Westmount. The council is the main governing and legislative body for the city.

The Mayor and Councillors also sit on various standing committees and municipal organizations.

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Westmount today is a residential enclave on the island of Montreal in Quebec, Canada. It lies within walking distance of the downtown core of the City of Montreal, yet retains an air of tranquility and small-town community.

A list of city maps are available on-line.

Parking is limited to four hours on every Westmount street, unless otherwise indicated.

Westmount residents who do not have sufficient parking space on their property, including anyone living in an apartment, condo or similar dwelling, may apply for permission to park on the street.

For OVERNIGHT PARKING, you can reserve on-line or by phoning Public Security before 11 p.m. Please note that for temporary overnight parking the cumulative duration of these special permissions must not exceed 30 nights per vehicle per calendar year.

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All invoices issued by the City can be paid electronically through your bank or in person at City Hall. Payments can be made by cash, cheque, Interac, telephone banking, preauthorized payment with banks (Hydro Westmount accounts only) or by return mail (no cash through the mail please).

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Public schools in the City fall under these school boards:


The following private schools are located in the City’s territory.


Residents are strongly encouraged to use the recycling, composting and reuse programs in place to divert the maximum amount of their garbage from the waste stream.

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